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Cumulative Grade Point Average is the CGPA Full form and which is now used to grade the students according to their Percentage. As CBSE 10 result has been declared and the toppers  list has not been out because of this cbse grading system 2010 or due to Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). But Students dont worry about that as we provide you the information about How to convert CGPA to Percentage with an example or CGPA Calculator Convertion or CGPA Calculator Calculation.

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CBSE Results will be offered with grades in each subject, plus the grade Point and the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).

  • Marks between 91 and 100 per cent will be given A1 and a grade point of 10
  • Marks between 81 and 90 will be given A grade and point of 9.
  • Marks between 71 and 80 will be given A grade and point of 8.

Here is the Grade according the marks:

  • 91-100 – A1
  • 81 -90 – A2
  • 71 -80 – B1
  • 61-70 – B2
  • 51 -60 – C1
  • 41 -50 – C2
  • 33-40 – D
  • 21-32 – E1
  • 00-20 – E2

How to Convert CGPA to Percentage ?

For students under the 4-point credit system, the procedure is CGPA*18+30=Equivalent percentage
Eg: If CGPA is 3.00, then the equivalent percentage = 3.00*18+30=74%
For students under the 10-point grading system, the procedure is CGPA*9.3=Equivalent percentage
Eg: If CGPA is 9.00, then the equivalent percentage = 9.00*9.3=83.7%

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