Mahsa College Medicine Bachelor and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS)

Mahsa University College was among local varsity that offers a MBBS Programme which is one of professional degrees presented from medical school in medicine and surgery by UK based tradition colleges and universities in the world.

The naming itself suggest that they are two separate degrees but in practice, they consumes and usually treated as one and awarded together.

The top features of the MAHSA College Medicine Curriculum are they are more connected to problem based learning system where student have to analyze a real time situation to built early clinical skill development.

Student will also learn on how to adapt a real working life in integrated practical activities within the duration of their studies.

The Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery is a 5 year 10 Semesters programme which comprise different phase of studies.

The phases of studies are:

Phase 1 (2 Years 4 Semester)

  • In phase 1, first two years generally will be a campus-based where students will be focusing more on theoretic basic medical and behavioural sciences.

Phase 2 (3 Years 6 Semester)

  • Students must complete phase 1 in order to proceed to phase 2 programme which is known as Clerkship Phase.
  • This phase covers rotating clinical postings which usually will be held at hospitals or health center which have fullfilled the requirements of teaching centers.
  • Students will be given minimal lectures and they have to anticipated new learning mode from theoretical to an apprenticeship case example where most of learning is achieved by ascertaining patients in different circumstance and background.

For those who are interested in Mahsa College Medicine Programme, their upcoming 2010 intake and open day schedule are as follows:

Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Bio-Medical Sciences

  • 2 AUGUST


  • 3 & 4 JULY 2010
  • 4 & 5 SEPT 2010

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